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On Crater Lake

 I recently spent one clear September day on the waters of Crater Lake.  A park service boat provides a counter-clockwise circuit of the lake, with a stop at Wizard Island.  I seized the option of remaining on the island when the boat departed, catching the next boat some 2 hours later, plenty of time for a hike to the top of Wizard Island where I savored my lunch and the amazing view.  Click on the Phantom Ship for a glimpse of what I saw inside the rim of Crater Lake.
The Phantom Ship

California Surfing

Just for fun, here are some favorites from a weekend spent at the 2011 Rincon Classic.  This surfing competition is held each January at Rincon Point, on the Santa Barbara/Ventura county line.  I was in the area that year visiting friends, and happened to be there the weekend of the event, so was glad I brought along at least a mid-range telephoto lens.  


Western Scrub Jay - One of our locals


Greeting the Dawn

Dick's Electron Microscope

I'm thinking it's a safe bet to say not everyone has a friend who has his or her own scanning electron microscope.

Early last year I got a call to come help Dick unload this machine he just acquired from someone over in Nevada.  Using a rented engine hoist we managed to lower and scoot the two main components into his garage, where he's been nurturing the thing back to working status.  He actually has it scanning stuff now, although he says he still has a lot of fussing left to do.

Now, if I can only find something I need magnified 4,000 times...

Welcome to my new neighborhood

Well, last night I said goodbye to an old friend.  My old web site is now officially closed, replaced by this new look and feel.  The web address is unchanged.  I'm still ken royce dot com, just moved to a new location with a completely new floor plan.

Now to figure out just what the heck I'm doing here...

"ok, boys, you can set that stuff down.  We're here...."

Quiet Light

As I edit the collection Quiet Light, just posted, I am reminded of my attraction to the softer, quieter compositions around us.  Soft light appeals to me, as does soft focus, and it is often reflected in my work.  Another noticeable theme is the number of early morning or evening images, those special moments when the softer sun, counter intuitively, can play a stronger presence in the image.  This gallery will certainly be edited occasionally, and I expect to return to this mood in future collections.

Tule Dawn

Bug shots

I enjoy photographing living things in their natural environment using the natural light of the moment.  Plants, people, landscape and microscape.

Most of these bugs shots were taken with a close-up macro lens, some with a medium range telephoto.  They all reveal the complexity and personalities of these often seen but seldom noticed critters.

Checking out the edge of a garden hoe

Update:   This is cool... Bugs made the big time!  :o)

A taste of coastal Oregon

Living inland from the Oregon coast, but with easy access a "mere" 3 to 4 hour drive, I've explored this magnificent stretch of coast often during the past decade, usually with some serious photography in mind.   As I continue to develop the look and feel of this new communication platform, I'm adding a quick sampling of images as the oregon coast collection.

 Bandon beach - misty dusk

USS Blueback

ok, so far so good.   The goal being to transition completely over here to blog world, but retain my sense of dot com identity.  Here we've managed to begin a blog, learned how to fluff a template, (more fluffing awaits...), added a few other features, including a slideshow widget.  We'll see how that goes as I tweak the presentation process.

So here's the first photo for this section, kinda introduces the first collection of Photos which is sort of up and running.

USS Blueback (SS-581) is a retired fast attack submarine, now permanently home ported at OMSI in Portland, Oregon.  Took the special 2-hour Tech Tour one September morning.  Highly recommended for the type of person who loves to explore and wonder at impossibly complex machinery. 

First post

Trying to integrate a little gallery.  We'll see how this goes...  Here's hopefully a link:

Aboard USS Blueback, Portland, Oregon


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